Jessica Russo Scherr is an artist and International School Art and Theory of Knowledge Teacher.   She was the recipient of the distinguished Fulbright Award for her work in Art Education. She has taught in New Jersey, USA, Bratislava, Slovakia, Florence, Italy and Frankfurt Germany. These assignments (links below), demos and curriculum information are intended to support class instruction.



Art Assignments



4 Square Abstraction

Advanced Doodling

Annotating Art

Art Critique

Art History Movements

Art Interpretation

Bird or Worm's Eye

Book Perspective

Books and Bowls

Books Perspective

Chiaroscuro Egg

Chiaroscuro Sphere

Chiaroscuro Spheres- Direct Observation

Chiaroscuro: Eggs on Cloth

Cloth and Chair

Cloth  Studies

Cloud Study

Collage Art History

Collage Landscape

Color Theory-Paul Klee

Color Theory-Spheres

Comparative Study-Mini

Cross Hatch Desk

Cross Hatch Glass

Cross Hatch Still Life

Cubism Figure

Cubist Tea Cup

Design: Bar Code

Design: Deck of Cards

Direct Observation Drawing

Elliptical: Cup and Saucer

Elliptical: Stack of Bowls

Exhibition Theme Proposal

Figure Drawing


Figure: Art History-Skeleton

Hand and Feet

Hand holding an Artwork/Postcard

Intimist Interior

Journal Prompts

Line: Objective & Non-Objective

Magazine Fill in Black and White

Magazine Fill in Color

Master Artwork Copy

Master Portrait Copy

Me at 40

Modern Day Mona Lisa/American Gothic

Monochromatic Watercolor

Portrait: Close-up

Portrait: Color on Black

Portrait: Reflective

Portrait: Self-Portrait

Portrait: White Pencil on Black

Principles and Elements Grid

Renaissance Art into Pop Art

Room in Color

Room into a Room

Room with a View

Room: Corner

Room: Couch with Lamp

Sight Size

Still Life – Basic Form

Still Life Direct Observation

Still Life Reflective

Still Life with Fruit

Still Life- Refraction

Still Life: Shoes

Stipple Money

Surrealism Collage

Trompe L'oiel Money

Trompe L'oiel Newspaper

Trompe L'oiel Panel

Just about every example is from a former student of mine.  Many thanks to them for all of their time and dedication.

How to earn a good grade on your homework

Follow the criteria presented in class and on the website.

Homework  assignments will take between 1 and 3 hours to complete.

All homework should be completed in your journal unless specified otherwise (not printer paper).

Fill the A4 Page of your journal.

Include a background when applicable.

Shade using a full range of values using a drawing pencil unless specified otherwise.

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