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Final Comparative Study (CS)

FINAL Comparative Study (CS): Your first draft is due toward the end of IB1 and your final draft will be due the first day of school in IB2.

You will meet with your teach 3 times during the process (minimum) to discuss and document your process and submit a form to IB regarding those meetings. The final format of your CS will be submitted to IB in a PowerPoint or similar type of presentations.



 Compare and contrast at least 3 artworks from at least 2 different artists of similar subject matter from 2 different cultures and (or) time periods. (They must be from different cultures).

SL: 10-15 Screens

HL: 10-15 with 3 to 5 slides Connect to your artwork, for a total of  13-18 screens


Suggested Layout

Use the sections and the guiding questions in the chart  to help your CS. Use the art vocabulary link to ensure consistent use of terminology throughout your CS. Cite your sources using MLA Format!


It should include images, text, diagrams, journal pages that communicate all of the different sections of the chart .


Formal Elements:

Use these links from Getty to help you:


An Art History Timeline






Art Teachers

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