International School of Florence

IB Art 2

All drawing/painting assignments are required to be in your Visual Arts Journal unless you are working on a larger scale or pushing the assignment to be more of a studio work on canvas or a specific type of surface.


1st Day Google Classroom: Sign up using our class code. Summer work due and Journal Check

Sept 12  Read: Syllabus, Curriculum and Assessment Criteria


Sept 19 White Pencil Portrait on Black Paper


Sept 26 Exhibition Theme Proposal


Oct 3 1 Journal prompt to be included in your PP


Oct 10 HL Students Only Criteria F (3-5 Slides) added to your CS. Submitted in Google Slides or PDF on Google Classroom.


Oct 17 Annotating Artwork(1 of your PP artworks and a corresponding art historical work on 1 slide/screen).

Week of Oct 17 Mid-Trimester Review (Bring in all completed and in progress Studio works from this trimester, your journal Visual Arts Planning and Process meeting and form documentation.


Oct 2 New due date for Annotating Artwork. Include on 1 slide annotated images of 1 of your PP works and 1 art historical work.  Describe how the art historical work influenced your artwork (techniques, concept, mood)n


Nov 7  Stipple Money


Week of Nov 14 th End of Trimester Assessment PP


Nov 21   Figure in an Environment


November 23rd End of First Trimester


Dec 5   Choose 1- Distorted Reflection Self Portrait or Reflective Object Still Life or Refraction Still Life


Dec 124 Square AbstractionP


Remainder of December  and early January homeworks:  Work on Studio works, Journal and updating/editing/refining Process Portfolio Presentation


Week of Jan 23 Mid-Trimester Review (Bring in all completed and in progress Studio works from this trimester and your Journal) Final Visual Arts Planning and Process meeting and form documentation. Prepare works for your Final Process Portfolio


Feb 13 Curatorial Rationale Draft and Exhibition Text drafts to be submitted on Google Classroom


March 10th End of Second Trimester


March Dates will be added to determine the following:


As a class we will determine the floor plan of the Exhibition.


Photograph all remaining work in your Exhibition

Title all artwork to be included in the Exhibition.


Write Final draft of the  Curatorial Rationale, Exhibition text and submit  on Google Classroom


March ?: The Aula Magna will be available to begin set up.


March?? ALL artwork for Exhibition is hung. Ms. Russo Scherr will photograph the 2 exhibition shots. After they have been photographed, you may add additional work for the IB Art Show. Ms. Russo Scherr will be available during class times and after the Faculty meeting on Tuesday and after school on Thursday.


March ? 6-8pm IB Art Art Show


March ? All artwork must be removed from the Aula Magna by Friday after school (artwork left behind in the Aula Magna will result in a lower ISF grade for the trimester!)


March ?: Completed FINAL versions of your PP, CS and Exhibition submitted on Google Classroom. These are the versions to be UPLOADED TO IB (See file sizes below posted on Google Classroom).


Week of March ? You will have scheduled meetings in the Art Studio for the upload and take home of remaining artwork and clean up.


You will be attending class after the IB Art Art Show to ensure all 3 Presentations (CS, PP and EX) meet IB upload standards.


Congrats!  You made it!

Homework Assignments and Assessment Dates

Homework PolicyAll homework is due at the START of class on the due date posted on the website.LATE homework  is homework that is turned in at the end of the class that it is due or the next art class = 1 grade lowerHomework turned in later then the following art class = ZEROHomeworks are explained in class and Internet connectivity is not an excuse for not completing homework.  The website is to aid you in your homework.If you put in effort into a homework but it did not come out as you expected or you misunderstood the assignment:  You may redo it for a better grade within one week.Absent:  You are responsible to find out what assignments you missed while absent. Generally 1 day will be given for each day missed to make up assignments. Write ABSENT next to your name on the back of the assignment.  How to earn a good grade on your homeworkHomework  assignments will take between 1 and 3 hours to complete.All homework should be completed in your journal unless specified otherwise (not printer paper).Follow the instructions for each homework.Include a background when applicable.Shade using a full range of values using a drawing pencil unless specified otherwise. Art Teachers**Disclaimer: This web site has not been endorsed in any way by the IBO and is an independent web site.****Dear fellow art teachers. Please feel free to use my site for inspiration but do not simply copy and paste my lessons and claim them as your own without citation.  © Created by Jessica Russo Scherr/Jessica Perry 2016