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Mini Comparative Study

Mini Comparative Study (CS): Compare and contrast the artworks of at least 2 different artists. Preferably of similar subject matter from 2 different cultures and or time periods.


Use the sections and the guiding questions in the chart below to help your CS. Use the art vocabulary link to ensure consistent use of terminology throughout your CS. Cite your sources!


The final format of your CS can be done in a Venn diagram as the example, written in your journal or submitted digitally in any format that communicates all of the different sections of the chart below.



"Mary Stevenson Cassatt." Bio. A&E Television Networks, 2014. Web. 11 Nov. 2014.

Examples of some of the ways that you can go about creating your mini CS

Just about every example is from a former student of mine.  Many thanks to them for all of their time and dedication.

How to earn a good grade on your homework

Follow the criteria presented in class and on the website.

Homework  assignments will take between 1 and 3 hours to complete.

All homework should be completed in your journal unless specified otherwise (not printer paper).

Fill the A4 Page of your journal.

Include a background when applicable.

Shade using a full range of values using a drawing pencil unless specified otherwise.

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