International School of Florence

Portfolio Prep & Art Schools

General Criteria for Portfolios


Each school will have different specifications. Read the criteria for each school carefully.


Most schools ask for:


  • 12 to 20 examples of any type of two- or three dimensional recent work.
  • Work from direct observation (Drawing what you see in real life...not from a photo)
  • The work reflects your ideas, interests, experience and abilities in the arts to date.
  • Range of media, skills and approaches
  • May be finished or in sketch form
  • May be the result of an assigned class project or a self-directed exploration.
  • Clear and organized (chronological or as a mini art exhibition?)
  • Reproduce and submit 2-3 pages from your journal or sketchbook to indicate your process of research, thinking or investigation.
  • Some schools require a home exam. Where you to complete a specific artwork(s) in addition to your portfolio. RISD is one of those schools.
  • Many also require a writing sample

Art Teachers

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