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IB Art Process Portfolio (PP)

Here are some examples.  They are not all perfect (especially regarding citations) but they can give you an idea of how your "screens" may look.

Part 2. Visual Arts Methods: Experimenting with techniques, media, processes, developing a body of resolved and unresolved work, self review and critique, documentation in visual arts journal.

Process portfolio 40%


(Externally Assessed)


The student's journey of art‐making, their engagement with different media and techniques, and processes involved in making their own body of works.

SL: 9‐18 pages/screens submitted.

HL: 13‐25 pages/screens submitted.


If a student studying at higher level only completes 11 works over the course of two years, and chooses to submit all 11 pieces in the exhibition, it is likely that they will be unable to reach the highest levels of achievement in the Exhibition component. It will also impact the Process Portfolio, which should include unresolved and developmental works developed over the length of the course.


A student could include pages from their visual journal that show the development of a work that was included in the exhibition, or pages that reflect upon and evaluate the finished work. They could include preliminary sketches and media experiments of works included in the exhibition, as long as the final, resolved work is not included.



  • Use each slide efficiently.  Large images and thoughtfully spaced type.
  • Cite every source correctly.
  • include experiments, journal pages for homework, ideas and anything you worked on in IB that was NOT included in your EX.
  • Include Art History, Concepts, Process and Reflection wherever possible!
  • Use art vocabulary


  • Don't say what is was "supposed" to be.
  • Don't include the project title the teacher gave the project.  Only use the title YOU give the artwork.  (for example:  Don't write Sense of Place Project).
  • Do not use 1 slide to simply state your name, candidate # and level.  Also have artwork on that slide.
  • Keep photos CLEAR and GOOD QUALITY!  The examiner will not see the original work or text written in your journal!!! YOU ARE ASSESSED ON WHAT THEY CAN SEE IN THIS PP.
  • Don't be too humble or too arrogant.  Stick with the facts.

Art Teachers

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