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Distorted Self-Portrait

Create a self-portrait in pencil from looking into a reflective object that distorts.


The samples on this page should give you an idea of what we are after.


Use any highly reflective object. (Pots, pans, irons, tree ornaments, serving tray, etc.)

You may include the whole object or just concentrate on your reflection.


Use a good range of values.

Work in any monochromatic medium you like.

Establish a wide range of grays.


Don't worry about really strange distortions.

Make sure you are somewhat recognizable.




Advance Option:  Use colored pencil or paint!

Parmigianino, Italian artist from Parma, 1524

"Self Portrait in convex Mirror"   Oil on wood, Vienna

MC Escher, Dutch, "Hand with Reflecting Sphere" Lithograph


Art History

Homework Policy

All homework is due at the START of class on the due date posted on the website.

LATE homework  is homework that is turned in at the end of the class that it is due or the next art class = 1 grade lower

Homework turned in later then the following art class = ZERO

Homeworks are explained in class and Internet connectivity is not an excuse for not completing homework.  The website is to aid you in your homework.

If you put in effort into a homework but it did not come out as you expected or you misunderstood the assignment:  You may redo it for a better grade within one week.

Absent:  You are responsible to find out what assignments you missed while absent. Generally 1 day will be given for each day missed to make up assignments. Write ABSENT next to your name on the back of the assignment.



How to earn a good grade on your homework

Homework  assignments will take between 1 and 3 hours to complete.

All homework should be completed in your journal unless specified otherwise (not printer paper).

Follow the instructions for each homework.

Include a background when applicable.

Shade using a full range of values using a drawing pencil unless specified otherwise.


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