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Direct Observation


This assignment can be done on paper with colored pencil or paint. It can also be done on wood, tile or floor covering to make it look exceptionally real.

Trompe L' oeil eye catchers in a home by artists Eugene Perreault and Keith Babcock

You really don't have to paint the detail if you can capture the "look". Think impressionistically. In fact, realize that it's the "first impression" the grabs the viewer.   Make you image identical to what you see.  The material you draw or paint on should be rectangular and neat.


If you would like to try to really fool the eye, try painting it on an actual piece of flooring material that is not too glossy to allow paint to adhere.  I can supply wood or tile to anyone who desperately needs it but I prefer you seek something leftover from a home remodeling project.



Trompe L' oeil Money

Just about every example is from a former student of mine.  Many thanks to them for all of their time and dedication.

How to earn a good grade on your homework

Follow the criteria presented in class and on the website.

Homework  assignments will take between 1 and 3 hours to complete.

All homework should be completed in your journal unless specified otherwise (not printer paper).

Fill the A4 Page of your journal.

Include a background when applicable.

Shade using a full range of values using a drawing pencil unless specified otherwise.

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